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Installing LUTs into the Color Override dropdown in Premiere?

How do I install Blackmagic Pocket LUTs into the correct path, such that they will appear in the Color Override drop down in Premiere's Interpret Footage window? I'm using a Mac, Premiere 2023.
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How is a LUT file format constructed?

Let's say that I want to create a 3D LUT file manually, that is to create it in a notepad or an Excel file. I would like to know how a LUT is formatted. For an 8-bit source I believe that a set of ...
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Get Lumetri Settings from 3D LUT

I have a few LUT's which I quite like, but a few settings aren't quite what I would like. I know, that I could simply adjust those settings within the Lumetri Panel, but I would prefere to get the "...
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Convert LUT formats

Is there a reliable and somewhat user-friendly way to convert between different LUT formats? I have been searching for a way and find pretty much nothing. My specific problem at hand is that I have ....
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