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How to apply LUT in Da Vinci Resolve - no PhD in Color Science

I downloaded a free LUT from the almighty Youtube and want to apply this Da Vinci Resolve. However there are plethora of options and 100 blogs telling 1000 different settings. Can someone give me a ...
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Convert LUT formats

Is there a reliable and somewhat user-friendly way to convert between different LUT formats? I have been searching for a way and find pretty much nothing. My specific problem at hand is that I have ....
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Can I create an LUT which provides solid lines?

I understand that a LUT is roughly a structure which converts every pixel of an image from RGB(r1,g1,b1) to RGB(r2,g2,b2) which means that it executes a color transformation. I have a field monitor ...
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Correct order of layer effects in Premiere CC 2017?

For once in my life, I've been handed an edit job that is shot in such a way that I can grade the whole thing in one pass with a LUT. On this particular edit, I need to first use a Log conversion LUT,...
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Get Lumetri Settings from 3D LUT

I have a few LUT's which I quite like, but a few settings aren't quite what I would like. I know, that I could simply adjust those settings within the Lumetri Panel, but I would prefere to get the "...
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Generate LUT from pre- and post-grade image

Is there any way one could generate LUT by comparing the graded and ungraded variant of the same frame? Let's say I have footage straight from the camera and I also have some of the clips already ...
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4 answers

Exported video doesn't look like the preview within Adobe Premiere

I've edited some footage on Adobe premiere and did some color correction. I applied some luts directly to my master clip to convert from Log to RGb, then I added a creative LUT in the Lumetri Color ...
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1 answer

ffmpeg lutrgb to create zebras

I'm trying to display zebras (colorize totally black pixels one color and totally white pixels a second color) on a selected frame from a video using ffmpeg. Using an rgb lookup table expression I'm ...
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1 answer

Can a 1D LUT be used in ffmpeg using lutrgb?

I am using ffmpeg and trying to change the color of certain pixels in a video stream using the lutrgb filter. The aim is to change any pixel with a green value greater than 145 to a white pixel. So ...
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2 answers

What does a Cube LUT offer over a PNG HALD?

Basically what the title says. My current view: The Cube LUT appears to be a bulky, uncompressed text file with little more to offer than what is can be encoded in a lossless PNG. That the main ...
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1 answer

4K Workflow in FCPX - crop down for multicam angles

Shot an 80min interview @ 4K 422LT (271GB)on BMPC and want to create 3x 720p angles for multicam. Unsure if it's best to create them as compound clips cropped from the one 4K master clip inside of ...