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Normalizing audio output loudness (LKFS/LUFS) in DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve 16 adds a great feature that allows applying "Normalize audio levels" on a clip using the ITU BS.1770 or EBU R128 standards, to a target level of -23 LKFS/LUFS, or similar. However, ...
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Loudness control LUFS level adjustments

Is there a tool that can adjust the loudness level of a video? for example I need to make the loudness to be -23 LUFS with max deviation of 0.5 lu. is there a simple tool/cloud service that doesn't ...
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When I play two or more audio tracks at the same time, is there a formula to reduce volume so it does not clip?

When I play two videos e.g. side by side, the summed up volume sometimes ends up clipping. What I normally do, is lowering the volume of both the audio tracks (which have the same loudness), say of ...
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Increasing Overall Audio level

I have a very short video of some classical guitar music, in Windows .wmv. In order to listen I must have the soundcard and speaker volume controls at the max. (I have checked this on another ...
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Easily make loudness more uniform in Premiere Pro

I'm having to edit some speech videos (60+ min each) I was given from a conference and the audio levels vary pretty wildly for some of them, due to different speakers and the sound guy not doing a ...
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3 answers

How can you correct EBU R128 loudness in Premiere?

I have to follow this directives on a Sony XDCAM 4222 50Mbit 25fps PAL timeline with 8 x 24bit 48kHz audio channels . Alignment Level (AL) shall be –18dBFS with respect to maximum audio coding ...
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ffmpeg volumedetect filter doesn't work on 32bit float audio?

Here is a test file with peaks at +200 dBFS (it's an extreme example, but the same holds for a file with peaks a +1 dBFS). When running the "volumedetect" filter on this file, ffmpeg appears ...
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How do I calculate the adjustment to a target dbFS? What's the formula?

For example, my peak volume is -4dB, but I want to increase it to -1dB (as per youtube recommendation). In the mixer master volume, which increase should I set? +3dB does not produce a -1dB peak. ...
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Convert ffmpeg audio volumedetect negative dB levels to common loudness positive dB levls

I have a process sampling mean_volume levels from $ ffmpeg -af 'volumedetect' ... which outputs negative -##.## dB measurements where 0 dB is very loud and -100 dB is very quiet. I need to line those ...
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