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5 answers

How to encode Apple ProRes on Windows or Linux?

Is it also possible to encode video with Apple ProRes on Windows and Linux?
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4 answers

Sync separate audio to video+bad-camera-audio, free NLE recommendations

My use-case, in case the details help people understand what I'm looking for: My brother needs some videos of him singing while playing the piano, to send in as an audition for a dinner theater. For ...
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Can you render Adobe Premiere or After Effects projects on Linux using a render manager?

I'm looking for a way to render Premiere or Edius projects on linux via command line. As you may know, there are a lot of render managers like Deadline, Render Pal or Smedge in order to build a ...
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Rendering edit on linux [closed]

I use Adobe Premiere for editing and rendering videos which is a windows based software and then I use ffmpeg for converting those video clips into different qualities. As you may know rendering ...
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How to get FFMPEG to join non-sequential image files? (skip by 3s)

I have a bunch of images, that follow this pattern. 0001.png 0004.png 0007.png 0010.png 0013.png 0016.png 0019.png ... They're in the correct order, but FFMPEG ignores anything after the first file, ...
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What video codecs can provide "adaptive quality"?

Background: I am trying to compress lossless bluray tracks to a more storage friendly size without a huge loss in quality. What I've been doing thus far: Exploring compression options with ffmpeg. ...
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1 answer

Video transitions and filters - how to create custom ones?

I am wondering if there is a possibility to do custom video transitions or filters. Like the video spiraling out, little squares appearing, circling out or something like that. Wiping the video out ...
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2 answers

What is good software for video editing under Linux?

I plan to create some homemade video lectures and I am under Linux. Is there comfortable open-source tool that has the following abilities: to clear noise to have a few sound channels to allow adding ...
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Can't get audio and video speeds to play at original speeds

When I import audio and video from different sources into a project, I can't get them to play at the corrects speeds. For example, if I play the video in vlc player, it plays fine, if I play the ...
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4 answers

Is Open-Source -film production possible with open-source tools?

Samuli -- of the Iron-Sky -film -- mentions (3.40 here) their used software:, Adobe Creative Suite 5, Maya, Lightwave 3D 10, RenderPal,...
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1 answer

Combining two video fields into one (to create an interlaced video)

I have two separate video fields (top.avi and bottom.avi) and I would like to merge them to create an interlaced video. Is it possible to do this with ffmpeg? (or any other tool for Windows or Linux) ...
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Build linux render farm in order to render adobe premiere projects [duplicate]

I edit my videos on Adobe Premiere (or even Edius) and I want to build a linux based render farm for rendering my projects. The concepts I've found in my research are 'render manager' and 'frame ...
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ffmpeg cut same video to multiple pieces

For the project that I'm working on I have to cut some parts of same video with some subtitles. So I made a bash file that executes multiple ffmpeg commands like this. ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf scale="...
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