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AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU for video editing laptop?

For a Windows laptop running Adobe Premiere Pro, is it a good idea to mix an AMD Ryzen CPU with an Nvidia GPU, instead of the typical Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU combination? What are the pros and cons of ...
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How much better is Thunderbolt external HDD for video editing?

For the two activities of transferring 10GB-large mp4 (.mts) video files from external HDD to laptop, and editing these same files directly on the connected external HDD drive, how much better/...
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Looking for a laptop with the required performances to use the Adobe premiere software please?

I want to start learning editing, I'm looking for a laptop with the required performances to use the Adobe premiere software? Any advices please!
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Does amount of display's pixels affects computer's performance on lower resolution settings?

Let's say I have 1080p display, if I would set 1080p in OS settings then overall performance would go down (noticeably if laptop is low-specs). But what gonna be if set system to 720p (fine for my ...
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What kind of laptop should I be using: Alienware or Macbook Pro? [closed]

I'm planning to buy a new laptop since my current PC(Lenovo U430) is kind of slow when it comes to gaming and video editing. My current budget is $1,000 to $1,500, after researching, I chose these ...
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share desktop to laptop to stream from laptop

I want to to stream from my laptop to lessen the stress on my desktop but I don't know how to share my desktop screen with my laptop to be able to stream my face as well as my game-play but I don't ...
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Canon XF100 live stream -- additional hardware needed

Question: How to get the XF100 to live-feed into a laptop for streaming? Details: I currently have a Canon XF100 HD video camera, and I need to use it for live streaming of some upcoming events. I ...
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What should I look for in a video capture device from a Satelite Reciever to PC?

i wish Audio-Video Production is correct Q&A site for that question. I have a Satelite Reciever and i want to watch the broadcast on my Laptop, i will not use my TV anymore. I have two options to ...
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Projecting image from computer that is a distance away

For our schools theatrical production class, we need to project an image using a projector, however the only way to use the projector is to hang it on a lighting bar (Not a problem) The problem is ...
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