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Keyframes are points in time at which parameters should have certain values. In keyframe animation, the animation or editing software will then blend between these values over time.

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Why are there two ways to keyframe-animate geometric transformations?

In DaVinci Resolve 14, there seem to be two ways to use keyframe animations with geometric transformations. One is on the Edit page, using the Inspector. Here it seems to be possible to smoothen out ...
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What is algebraic effect of transforms in Adobe After Effects Keyframe Data file?

I want to write software which peforms a pan, zoom, rotate, and resample on a 3840x2160 input video, yielding a 960x540 output video. I have an keyframe data file, exported from Adobe After Effects, ...
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Dealing with dropped frames in background plate when doing keyframe animation in After Effects

I am working on a video which includes some dropped frames ever so often. When a frame dropped, it repeated the previous frame sometimes 2 or 3 times. I am overlaying many objects on this video, and ...
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How to link multiple keys to different sliders in After Effects

I'm a newbie with After Effects expressions, I need help with link few keyframes to different sliders on Null. I found this expression and its work with 2 keypoints. if (numKeys > 1){ t1 = key(1)....
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What's beneficial about temporal auto Bezier keyframes over continuous Bezier keyframes?

From what understand, a temporal auto Bezier keyframe automatically re-adjusts both of its direction handles whenever a neighboring keyframe is moved somehow and the influences of both of its incoming ...
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How to change the font and color on multiple keyframes at once | Adobe After Effects

Hey there I ran into a small problem creating a video, and I haven't used any video editing software before, so I am lost right now and I have no idea on how to solve my problem which problem goes ...
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FFMPEG dropping the first two frames of segments generated through seeking

I'm trying to script-cut a 24 fps video and it gets close to the right thing, except for two missing frames at the beginning of every segment I cut with seeking. I've found out that index-frames (...
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What do they mean "Recording Ratio" in in the VLC Media Player, and what are the units (e.g. frames per second)?

There exists a video-player known as VLC Media Player. My question is, for the scene video filter, what is the recording ratio? If the number is 50 does that mean... extract one frame every 50 ...
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Kdenlive VFR to CFR

When using videos taken on my phone (Pixel 4a) kdenlive reports variable framerate and asks to transcode with several options, Lossless (huge files) Intermediate DNxHR HQ (large files) x264 I frame ...
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Squishing an image from above in Sony Vegas Pro 18

I am using Sony Vegas 18. I am attempting to squish an image from above, keeping the width and bottom x, y coordinates fully fixed, meaning the image "squishes" while being reducing in the y ...
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Moving keyframes out of Vector Motion in Premiere

I'm working on a project and have created a graphic layer with text on it. I added some keyframes for position to move the text over time. then I added another text that need its own distinct position ...
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Can I Copy/Paste Keyframes from one Mask Effect into Another in Premiere Pro 2023?

I have two effects on a clip where I have to apply motion tracking to their respective masks. Gaussian Blur and Lumetri Color, respectively. But I have a large number of clips I have to apply these ...
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Replace a text that has keyframes in a template totally with another text

I have a textbox in a template with full of animations and keyframes, How can I replace it totally with a new textbox that I recently created? (The recently created textbox have some language features ...
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How many I-frames are in a single shot?

I have some fundamental questions on shots and I-frames. When we apply shot detection on a video, how many I-frames will exist in a shot? How many frames exist between two I-frames? And does the shot ...
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Easy quick way or tool to selectively pull Snapshots / Frames from a Video and put it into a Comic Strip type structure?

Easy quick way or tool to selectively pull Snapshots from a Video and put it into a Comic Strip type structure? Take a minute long mp4 video and pull specific snapshots into a set of comic strip type ...
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Importing/automating keyframes in Adobe Premiere

I want to get a stationary view on a moving subject, which needs to be staying within his square box on the final video (the camera should follow him). So far I got away by clicking every 15 second ...
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FFmpeg identify non-IDR frame (I frame) as keyframe

It's a mov file. We use FFmpeg/FFprobe to process this file. There is a frame which is shown 'keyframe' (flags=K) in this file, but we found this frame is a non-IDR frame (only is I frame) using 264 ...
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Upscale the key frames while decoding!

I would like to apply some kind of super-resolution (SR) to the keyframes in an H.264 video. The SR process should target the keyframes and upscale them by a factor of 2. For the past few days, I've ...
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