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Burn metadata onto a picture

I have a lot of JPEG photos taken by GoPro. All the photos have metadata on them, but I want that metadata to be displayed on the picture. I can view metadata in the properties of photo, but I want to ...
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ffmpeg "end mismatch" warning, jpeg2000 to video

Trying to convert a directory of jpeg2000 grayscale images to a video with ffmpeg, I get warnings [0;36m[jpeg2000 @ 0x55d8fa1b68c0] [0m[0;33mEnd mismatch 1 (and lots of Last message repeated <N>...
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How to mux JPEG into TIFF?

I understand that I can decode and then re-encode JPEG to TIFF using: ffmpeg -i input.jpeg -pix_fmt rgba output.tiff But instead I want to do lossless muxing from JPEG into a TIFF container/format. ...
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