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The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

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DRFX Title for DaVinci Resolve on iPad Reports "Media Offline"

I’m trying to figure out how to build a title template similar to what I’ve had in the past for Final Cut using Motion. On DaVinci Resolve on my Mac, I have the elements assembled, I built a macro ...
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Recording a lecture, mirroring Ipad to Windows PC

I would like to record a lecture for my maths students. I want to write it on my Ipad (in goodnotes), mirror Ipad on my PC laptop, and use OBS on my PC to combine the image of the Ipad with the input ...
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Do any iOS video apps record in log color space?

Is there an app for iPhone or iPad that will let me record log color space video? It seems like with such an abundance of instagram-ish "filter" apps, developers probably have access to raw sensor ...
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how to convert container format for a video file without re-encoding

After some study and research, now I know that AVI and MP4 are video 'container' formats. They are also called 'video file formats'. The actual video data format for the video data in these formats ...
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How can I make professional video using an iPad?

I am willing to make an educational guidance video. And since I want to make it using an iPad, what things should I keep in mind? And which specific camera app will be better over the inbuilt camera ...
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Recording Video of iPad

I am trying to record some video of an iPad with a Canon 60D. The camera is mounted on a tripod about 100cm above the iPad. Everything next to the iPad is sharp, but the display itself seems a little ...
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Prevent video stutter / lag in h264 on iPad

When the iPad stutters playing my video, it continues playing audio at a normal rate. This causes the video to go out of sync until the video can catch up. Is there any setting that triggers a pause ...
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How to make a video of an iPad (or other tablet) screen

I have been making some movies of my iPad for promotional videos and they all range from bad to worse in terms of video quality. I have used compact cameras and camcorders with pretty similar results. ...
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