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one-man-band outdoors interview filming, using gimbal

In the last couple of years, I've been interviewing WW2 veterans living in Israel, as part of a project of mine - whose goal is to allow the last members of the greatest generation to tell their ...
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How to record the voices of three people in a room?

We are planning to produce a Youtube channel, in which we interview one professor and one student at the same time, and we have very little experience with sound. A typical situation would be to have ...
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How to light a scene with a window and monitor in the background?

I have a scene where I want to sit on a chair with a big 43 inch monitor and a big window behind me. I am having headaches. I already put a shader in front of the window that reduces its brightness. I ...
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How to swap sides of side-by-side video chat interview?

I recorded a video interview using Zoom Cloud Meetings, and the 2 participants appear to be looking away from each other instead of towards each other: How can I swap the sides? The resolution is ...
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Voice over translation with interjections

In a voice over translation (which doesn't need to be lip-synced), like the ones in the news when they interview someone that doesn't speak English, is it ok to keep some interjections if they conveys ...
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How to make audio "internal editing" in a movie?

I've just read an old blog post about "internal editing", a special kind of audio post processing of recorded interviews. It basically consists of removing the unnecessary interjections, like the "ums"...
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Why use different camera angles? [closed]

During interviews, TV shows and movies, there are several camera angles they switch between. Sometimes it is direct, or indirect (like a side view). How do they decide what angles to change to, and ...
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Lens that doesn't make faces look fat

I'm using a "PANASONIC LUMIX G II Lens, 20mm, F1.7 ASPH" (MFT) lens to shoot interviews. However, it distorts faces a bit when within 10 feet. I've read (after I bought it, unfortunately) that this ...
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