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A media asset format that is optimized for quality and performance. This type of format is generally used after shooting, while editing and before encoding to a more highly compressed final output.

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Working on multi-camera edits using proxy files in Premiere

I want to be able to make multi-camera edits using low res proxy files, then be able to recreate those edits using HD footage. I'm using CC 2019. Here's my workflow: Import HD files into Premiere, ...
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Colaborating with 4k multicam proxy footage

I already ingested raw 4K footage and now want to create proxies so I can send them to a friend for editing so he can do cuts transitions and zoom in/out with keyframes. The final video will be in HD. ...
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Intermediate Codec for Resolve to Adobe Mediaencoder or Premiere Pro

I am editing in Resolve, sometimes I am also just Color Grading in Resolve, so I need an intermediate Codec between Resolve and Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere Pro. The size doesn't matter as much, as ...