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A media asset format that is optimized for quality and performance. This type of format is generally used after shooting, while editing and before encoding to a more highly compressed final output.

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Kdenlive does not seem to be leveraging proxy clips

I am trying to edit some 4K clips in Kdenlive and so I would like to use the proxy clips feature to speed up editing experience. I have enabled the feature by default: I've also checked that it is ...
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CyberLink PowerDirector: Is it good for game footage?

I have downloaded a free version of CyberLink PowerDirector but is it good for editing video game footage especially from video files from multi emulators? I just want to some of my videos 720p for ...
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how do I create 23 fps proxies for footage shot in 30 fps and interpreted as 23 fps

I am trying to create 23 fps proxies for footage shot in 30 fps and interpreted as 23 fps I watched and carefully followed the Youtube video that explains exactly this and I am still getting out of ...
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Encode a small proxy file with multiple audio streams for editing on Linux

After capturing 2K video in 444p with OBS, I need to transcode it to a low quality proxy version that's still easy to scrub and not a huge file. I capture 3 audio tracks in 32-bit PCM and the image ...
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Working on multi-camera edits using proxy files in Premiere

I want to be able to make multi-camera edits using low res proxy files, then be able to recreate those edits using HD footage. I'm using CC 2019. Here's my workflow: Import HD files into Premiere, ...
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Colaborating with 4k multicam proxy footage

I already ingested raw 4K footage and now want to create proxies so I can send them to a friend for editing so he can do cuts transitions and zoom in/out with keyframes. The final video will be in HD. ...
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Intermediate Codec for Resolve to Adobe Mediaencoder or Premiere Pro

I am editing in Resolve, sometimes I am also just Color Grading in Resolve, so I need an intermediate Codec between Resolve and Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere Pro. The size doesn't matter as much, as ...
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What's the quickest, most efficient way of sending files/proxies to a remote editor (using Premiere) over a moderately slow internet connection?

Say that I have many gigabytes of files (4GB) and I want to send them to an editor who lives many miles away. The editor will create a new Premiere project file, edit a couple of sequences and send ...
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Adobe Software: Make low quality videos out of folder with videos

I have a folder with 212 videos in 4k in it, I'd like to make kinda like proxy files out of them, low quality 360p. It should end up in a seconde folder and still be h.264 so that it can easily be ...
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Import Adobe Premiere Proxy files encoded separately with FFmpeg

I'm trying to work with a bunch (hundreds) of 4k HEVC video clips, and so far it seems like my laptop is a bit too slow to edit them effectively. I have read guides that talk about ingesting proxy ...
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How can I create proxy videos from Ursa Mini CinemaDNG sequences?

I am currently working on a web series where we are shooting in RAW image sequences with a Black Magic Design Ursa Mini 4k. We have a mixed post production environment where the editor is working in ...
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Is there standard protocol or way for frameserving?

The intended worklflow is following: my program produces 1080p frames (possibly not constantly if picture isn't changing) 30 or 60 fps some external program captures them locally overlays on some ...
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What is a good workflow for producing High quality High definition Videos suitable for a final upload to the internet.

I'm entering my third week into the video editing world, and have already put up a few test videos to youtube. But overall, I am unhappy with the results so far. Quick background: I am recording ...
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The ProRes of Premiere Pro?

I'm going to be editing more and more DSLR videos, most notably music videos for my band as we start releasing singles and want to know if there is an intermediate format for both cutting and ...
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