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How do I compress a video and preserve quality in moving areas?

It's easier to notice details in still objects compared to moving ones, so modern codecs save bandwidth by reducing detail during movement. However, this optimization seems far too pronounced to me ...
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Copy timecode from SEI Picture Timing to MXF Timecode Stream with FFmpeg

I am receiving an HEVC encoded live stream that contains SMPTE 12-1 timecode in the SEI picture timing, as it is recommended in ITU-T Rec-H.265-202108 Annex D.3.3 Picture timing SEI message semantics....
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ffmpeg QP: AMD Radeon (Vega7) hevc_vaapi results in lager files than hevc_nvenc - why?

I've switched from an RTX 3070 to an AMD Radeon Vega7 APU (4600G/5600G). I'm trying to tweak the ffmpeg parameters, so that the transcode output results in a similar quality AND file size. hevc_vaapi ...
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Decode Multi-Layer HEVC

I'm trying to decode an HEVC/H.265+ rtsp stream to an image using ffmpeg as follows: ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -stimeout 10000000 -i 'rtsp://user:passwd@url:port/Streaming/tracks/101?starttime=...
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Does exporting to lossless HEVC prevent loss when re-exporting an already exported video file?

Software: After Effects, Premiere Pro So I had a little bit of trouble with my main PC and can't get it fixed before the deadline of my client. I already had the final video ready and exported before ...
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Inverse Telecine (IVTC) anime DVDs

Issue I have a bunch of anime I've ripped from DVDs and even BDs that are 480i. I want to upscale these videos with Topaz Video AI for higher quality on a big screen, but also because subtitles are a ...
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Creating an 8K/4K video in ffmpeg from single image frame leads to video longer than audio

I want to make a video using a cover image and an audio file with the audio file as the length. What's the most optimal modern way to do this with new codecs and high resolutions? Reason why I want 4K/...
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Why does this HEVC HLS stream not play on browsers?

I have a HEVC HLS stream that does not play when I paste it e.g. in Safari. The video is encoded in HEVC and has a resolution of 4608x1728. The screen just stays black. The URL is: https://cdn2.taggy....
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Help me with corrupt video mp42

Hello I have one corrupted video file created with Chinese Camera DV4K_V23. I created one small sample video from this camera and I uploaded it for someone to help me, to decipher exactly which ...
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libx265 set 1 i_frame per x seconds and force all other frames to be b_frames

I'm trying to compress my content while preserving quality. I'm measuring the quality using Netflix's VMAF. Only focusing on HEVC and tried different parameters available for libx265 such as crf, two ...
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Which will have better quality, an H.264 encoded video with higher bitrate or an H.265 with lower bitrate?

I got a cheap action camera that allows me to choose the encoding of the video being recorded between H.264 and H.265. When I set it to H.264, the video's bitrate is set to around 10,000+ kbps. When I ...
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FFMPEG converts HEVC with Alpha mov to PNG sequence not work well

I have a mov file with HEVC with Alpha codec on Mac. The mov file has no background color, but have some foreground contents in it. I want to use FFMPEG to grab some PNG pictures from it. Following is ...
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hevc transcoded video not playing in safari

I transcoded a video with ffmpeg to hevc using the below command. ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v libx265 -crf 23 -preset medium -x265-params keyint=60 -c:a aac -b:a 128k -f hls -hls_time 10 -...
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MKVToolNix Splitting and Joining Stutter

I've been trying to split a tv show episode into two seperate parts, but whenever I try to rejoin the split files, I get a pixelation look on the merge locations. I've been using MKVToolNix to try ...
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