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Vegas Pro Chroma Key not working properly

After I start doing chroma key with the following image With black blackground it gets well But when I try to make the background white After I tune it, it starts to be blue What am I doing wrong?
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How to create a webM with a Transparent background from a MP4 Green Screen

Been trying this for some time now with little to no results. I have an MP4 of characters recorded against a Green Screen and have managed, through FFMpeg to strip out the green screen with an Alpha ...
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Pan & zoom from still image with green screen

I look a lot of tutorial with 2.5D animation, green screen tracking and other effects but I need something simpler and faster. Basically I shoot product videos, smartphones, tablet, small objects. At ...
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Need Help in Replacing Screen of 3d rotating phone ( AE CC 2018)

First post here! Apologies for any mistakes! I have a footage of a rotating iPhone with its screen set to green (so I can play around in AE with what to show on the phone screen). I have tried to ...
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