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Normalizing video lum/gamma on just the sky?

tl/dr: Can I normalize a video's flickering exposure levels based on a subregion of the frame? This feels like a typical issue: I've got a few hour long video of the beach that I'm speeding up. ...
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Confusion about Floating Point in Color Space Transforms

To explain my confusion I'm going to use an example with a hypothetical sensor which clips at a max 1000% scene linear reflectance and crushes blacks at 0% light (I know there is no such thing as 0% ...
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1 answer

Correct gamma for SMPTE ST-2084 EOTF

I recently purchased an Apple Pro XDR display that has an HDR reference mode specified as follows: HDR Video (P3-ST 2084) Use this mode for 4K or ultra high-definition video production workflows up ...
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Adobe premiere pro video overexposed after import

I'm importing Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus recorded videos with following codec information to the premiere pro CC v13 (windows) and the imported video looks over-exposed with incorrect gamma. Codec:...
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YouTube Upload Gamma Shift

I've just finished a music video in Resolve and exported it as Mov/Prores422HQ. It looks correct when played back in Quicktime and in VLC, however when I upload to YouTube, there is a huge gamma shift ...