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Questions tagged [fps]

fps is an acronym for "frames per second" and is a measurement of the frame rate used in a video file, image sequence, or camera.

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What FPS should I use for 59.94 footage slowed down?

What I'm doing seems to work but reading conflicting things online has me confused. Right now things I upload go to YouTube or Vimeo. I shoot 29.976 or 59.94 FPS and slow them down to 23.976 in ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to be sure of the FPS needed for any given export?

Sorry, my question is not very well put out but I have trouble understanding my own problem. I'm currently working on a music video project where I need to put green screened actors in a CGI scene. ...
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Frames are ignored when importing video into the video editor (Kdenlive, Shotcut)

I have a video downloaded from the Internet. The file properties indicate that the video has 29.75 fps. When I play this video frame by frame using the "E" key in the VLC player, it looks ...
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