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Final Cut Express is a now obsolete prosumer video-editing software developed by Apple Inc.

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Every 18 or 19 frames from an undistorted .MP4 clip gets pixelized when played via Final Cut

I have a .MP4 movie exported from Blender in 24fps in good quality, without any pixelation problems. In whatever movie player I open it, there are no pixelation problems. When I create a new project ...
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Final Cut Express: Flip a Video Clip

I'm sure this is trivial to do, but I've yet to find the right filter to Flip a video clip in FCE 4. For example, see what happens at the 0:42 mark in this video (Night Stand HD Pro) I see box ...
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Creating a sith lightning effect

How do you create a sith lightning effect? I am getting into special effects, and was wondering how you do this. I have FCE 4 & 3.5. I'd rather not have to use a different program, but...
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Adobe After Effects vs. Final Cut Express for chroma keying

Which is better for chroma keying, Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Express and why?
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Final Cut Express vs. Final Cut Pro X vs. Final Cut Studio

I am looking at upgrading from Final Cut Express 3.5 to another Final Cut product. What are the pros/cons of Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Studio? (In terms of functionality) EDIT: Which would you ...
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Change sequence frame size Final Cut Express 4

I have a sequence in Final Cut Express 4 that has 1080p video in it, but when I export it, it exports as 720p video, because the sequence settings are set to 720p video. How do I change the frame size?...
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Final Cut Express 3.5 HD quits unexpectedly

I am running FCE 3.5 HD on a Macbook Pro and whenever I start rendering, it (FCE) unexpectedly quits. Here’s the crash report: I have no idea if this ...
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