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Can I get Handbrake to apply additional filters such as brightness/contrast?

I have some scripts which pass video into Handbrake to transcode it for the web. What's the easiest way to apply additional filters for things like brightness/contrast? (ie. things not covered by the ...
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FFmpeg overlaying and blending videos

I am trying to use FFmpeg to overlay one video on top of the other using an additive blend. One video is the actual video I want to transcode, the other is a ~10 second long video I want to put into ...
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How to check video, AB test, on different screens: balancing colors, etc

Is there a standard way of checking a render as it would be seen on different screens (iPads, monitors, tvs, whatever) for colors etc.. Maybe AB/Testing software? (Wanted to add the tag ab-testing, ...
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Modify a sample in a mix using the original sample

The song 'No Homo' by The Lonely Island samples 'Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do' by Betty Wright.
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Which ND filter should I use?

I have a Tiffen variable ND filter. I was wondering if the quality is good enough for video, since I'm pretty new to this. I've heard people using other filters but they are way too expensive for me ...
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Detecting a particular colour [closed]

Hey, I have a canon DSLR 650D, and I want to know if there are any settings or features in the camera that will only catch/accept the predefined color. For example, I just want to capture red, and ...
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White Balance/ Filters

I have a silly question: Do I have to the WB before or after choosing a Color filter? If I do it after, then the camera will "see" white and the filter wouldn't make sense. If I do it before, why just ...
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2 answers

How can I accurately immitate this Picasa filter with Premiere's color correction filters?

I'm trying to color-correct a video I'm working on. This is an example frame from the footage: Since I'm a newbie and pretty clueless about good-looking color correction, I've tried playing around ...
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I can't buy a streak filter where I live. How do I go about making myself one for my DSLR?

Generally used to achieve the anamorphic 'streak' effect.
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4 answers

Looking to intentionally distort video

I am looking to intentionally distort a video file. Filters and effects are not really doing it for me, they are simply too generic or predictable over the course of a 2-3 minute video. I am looking ...
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2 votes
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Fastest way to add a timestamp to a video

Is there any script or application that would add a timestamp to a video (avi or mov)? Does for example mencoder support this function ? I'm using it to join avi files together. I would be happy for ...
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Paper camera software filters for post-production?

I have downloaded an android app called Paper Camera that provides real time camera filters such as a variety of 'sketch' and cartoony feels. I find especially interesting their filters 'Contour', ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Convolution matrix for converting 1080i to DVD?

It's pretty common to shoot in HD but deliver on DVD. This requires a reduction in resolution from 1920x1080 to 720x480 (for NTSC). If you just interpolate and throw away pixels, you get bad aliasing ...
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How do I filter a voice recording to sound like a NES game sample?

The style that I am shooting for can be heard on this video: at 2:18 ("Blades of Steel") I have tried playing with equalization, hi-pass/low-pass, and ...
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Why doesn't an FFT pitch filter fully 'mute' the selected pitch range?

While editing a song, I tried to cut out the bass drum by applying a high-pass FFT filter, i.e. filtering out the low pitch of the bass drum. This resulted in the drum sound being severely quieted, ...
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