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9 votes
3 answers

Good learning resources for 'non-technical' aspects of filmmaking

I am a relative newcomer to video production but have a background in still photography. This means that I have a good understanding of things like ISO/aperture/shutter speeds/resolution/etc. (and ...
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16 votes
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What is this strange second camera?

I don't know is this is the correct place to ask this but ... I've watched several "making of" of current movies and noticed a thing i cannot explain. What is this strange "secondary" camera you ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Would it be legal to use Cott-produced, generic beverages in a film?

Walmart sells a line of beverages manufactured by Cott with very generic labelling, for example: Cott Grape soda image Since these drinks bear no brand name, I know there are no trademark/brand ...
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Terminology connected with camera movement

As non-English speaker, the terms connected with camera movement are not always clear to me, and I believe that they are technical enough to be confusing even for some English speakers. Please write ...
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Tips to make professional looking hand-held videos using smart phones?

Phone Model I have: Nokia 808 PureView fps available: 15, 24, 25 30 720p & 1080p videos can be recorded using this phone. I am trying to make videos using hand-held techniques. But whatever I ...
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