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Refers to the "container" that that data is stored in and how that data is encoded.

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How are video and audio streams placed in 'container' files and what interrelations do they have?

So far I have been guessing my way through the types of audio/video streams and getting them mixed up with containers. For example, I have had a friend tell me that a video file which won't play on my ...
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Is there a video type for vector animation?

Is there a vector-based video type, preferably open-source, so that an animated clip could be produced using "rules" instead of pixel-compression? This would mean lossless resolution-independent ...
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Understanding containers and codecs

To my understanding, there is the container format (MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI) and the codecs (Theora, VP8, H264, XVid, DivX). For what I understand, the container format and the codecs are independent and ...
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Need help to fix a broken MP4 which lacks a MOOV atom

Please be forgiving to a video file format newbie, who has travelled far and wide all over the Web in search of a relatively simple question and hoped to get an answer (even a fairly complicated one ...
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Corrupt MP4 [recording interrupted]

I was recording an MP4 file using PlaysTV, and my computer had a power fault half-way through the recording. I'm sure that the file contains valid data, it's just that no media player will recognize ...
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What codecs/formats are appropriate for full motion video recording for youtube?

I'm recording video game footage via lossless methods, after which I need to compress them and upload them to youtube. I'm not sure which format and/or codecs are best for this. I've been ...
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How to make sense of video file formats?

In digital video, there are all these different kinds of files: m4v, mov, mkv, mts, mp4, mpeg, and a host of others, and I can't seem to find a clear answer as to what each is good for. (By contrast, ...
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Big difference in the video file size after the conversion (.mov to .mp4)

After converting from .mov into .mp4, a video file is greatly reduced in size (.mov - 75,2mb .mp4 - 11,9mb) - does this mean that the converted video degraded (loss of color information, or the ...
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Best format for audio track with a single/few images

What would be the best (e.g. most compact) format for a "video" that is actually an audio track with a single static image the whole time? (example) And if it was not one static image, but a slow ...
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Can't import some .mov files into Adobe Premiere, it says "Codec missing or unavailable"

I am trying to import some .mov files into Adobe Premiere project, but I keep getting the following error message "Codec missing or unavailable", this only happen for certain .mov videos which have ...
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Which different EDL types exist?

Edit decision lists are integrated in every pipeline nowadays. I've seen different types of it, but wikipedia only knows CMX 3600 EDL and a xml modification. Which other formats exist and what are ...
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exporting .mov vr to multiple still frames

Ive got a quicktime VR in .mov format i need to strip the all still frames (in total there are 250) out of it and have them in as individual images, preferably pngs or jpegs. I was looking at using ...
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How can I reduce size of video files on a Sony XDCAM?

I bought a decent camera (Sony XDCAM) however I have a problem with the output file size. The .MTS files it makes work fine in my editor, and they create the quality I need, but the 2 gig per 10 ...
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Video with transparent background file-size issue

A client asked me to do an animated product visualization in 3D and then render out the animation in 4K with a transparent background to put on their website. The animation is done but if I want to ...
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Errors in converting mp4 to ts with FFmpeg

I was trying to convert a caption-embedded .mp4 file into a .ts file. Only command found after some search was this which uses FFmpeg: ffmpeg -i 1559066401592889640.mp4 -c copy -bsf h264_mp4toannexb ...
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