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Recording while away from a studio or preset environment (ie, in the field).

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How can I improve my tracking and manual focusing of fast moving subjects? (using a hybrid mirrorles camera)

Context I'm a videography beginer. I am an experienced enthusiast photographer. I am trying to move into wildelife videography as a hobby. My aim at this stage isn't to create full peices but just to ...
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How can I simulate a single car crash without ruining a vehicle?

I'm filming a relatively low budget horror film with a few friends, so we don't have any fancy equipment for this. The shot is supposed to be a guy driving then suddenly swerving the car off the road, ...
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Can i use my laptop as an external recorder

Can i record 4k video from a canon mirrorless (r6) directly to my laptop hard drive just like one would do with an Atomos Ninja? I record a lot of singing events where the camera is standing in one ...
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setup for recording full field sports unattended?

I'm looking for setup that I can use to record field sports (like soccer) unattended, for coaching/review purposes. Currently I'm using a Chinese GoPro knockoff mounted to a tall fence, however the ...
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Camera features useful when recording a live high school basketball game?

What features should I be looking for in a camera (typically found in cameras less than $1000) for shooting a high school basketball game? The intent is to use the video for "Game Film" type analysis ...
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How do I set up a field recorder with camera/wireless monitoring?

This has to do with production sound. If you're a mixer, please help me, because I cannot wrap my head around this. I am a total newbie. Here's the scenario. Not working explicitly with this ...
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