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Scripting - Where is the documentation for the Layer#Effects attribute?

I have been trying to make a script that will automatically apply an effect to the selected layer. So far, it looks like this: var myLayer = app.project.activeItem.selectedLayers[0]; I have seen ...
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Change Output file name in AfterFX .jsx script

I am rendering a project several times, and use a script to change some of the input. However, I have not figured out how to change the name of the output file in the script. This is basically my ...
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1 answer

edit after effects projects with aerender and extend script

I want to edit after effects project (.aep file) with aerender. i used this command aerenderer -project E:/AE/template.aep -comp Example -output E:/AE/video.avi to render .aep file to .avi and ...
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How to add a text graphic to a sequence using ExtendScript in Adobe Premier Pro?

Inside Adobe Premiere, you can use the "Type Tool" to insert a text graphic onto a sequence. Is it possible to do the same action from an ExtendScript (.jsx)?
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How can I automate creating a sequence from a set of clips?

I have a large amount of DV footage, which I want to convert into a video per day. I've tried doing this by scripting ffmpeg: ffmpeg -safe 0 -f concat -i day1-files.txt -fflags +igndts -ac 2 -ar 32000 ...
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