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Can the VGA port of the laptop be used as input port? [closed]

A few days ago I had a problem installing a video conferencing system, as I was unable to take the output of the codec display on a TV for some reasons. I was wondering could I have used the VGA port ...
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How to live stream 4 cameras to a flat screen TV

I wanted to live stream different views from 4 cameras at the same time on a flat screen TV or monitor. What materials would I need for such a project. I have seen home security surveillance setups in ...
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A device or a method for comparing original and transferred video [duplicate]

I want to compare a video that is transfered through a Device and the original video by connecting them to a monitor or to a device that can measure everything for me and give us a full complete list ...
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How can I find specific PRO grade gear when CONSUMER grade dominates the search results.

I'm trying to keep this question as "non" subjective as possible... I need to find a very specific piece of hardware (not brand or model, just type), and I'm currently coming up empty handed. I've ...
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What do shutter angles mean for electronic shutters?

For a mechanical rotary shutter, a shutter angle is the angle of the arc cut into the circular shutter, which is an opening to help "open" the shutter. Then what does a shutter angle correspond to for ...
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DIY Ronin 4d-like camera rig with a Micro studio camera G2

I've been looking into making a compact camera rig with 4-axis stabilization in the style of a Ronin 4D. I plan to use a Black Magic Micro Studio Camera 4k G2 along with a smaller gimbal that will be ...
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