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DSLRs (or digital single-lens reflex cameras) are the digital adaption of the SLR camera. SLRs are known for interchangeable lenses, which allows the camera to be more functional by allowing for more types of shooting (Macro, Long Range, etc...). DSLRs (for this site) are cameras that have dual functions; video and photography...

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24 votes
4 answers

What factors are important for DSLR lenses for shooting video?

I'm about to upgrade my DSLR camera from a Canon XSi (450D) to either a Canon 7D or T3i (600D). I'm largely interested in the video features of the camera. I have several mid/high-end lenses that I ...
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How do I record a computer monitor without banding/flickering with a Canon t2i/550D?

As you've probably guessed, when recording video with a computer monitor in frame I am getting banding. I'm aware that this has to do with refresh rates of the monitor vs the scan rate of the camera ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the most effective way of slowing down footage?

I want to experiment with slowed down footage and I see several ways in doing that with my current set-up. I have the following hardware/software at my disposal: After Effects CS5.5, Twixtor Pro, ...
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SDI - serial digital interface

I have heard of a video-grip for the Panasonic GH5 Panasonic GH4 that supports SDI-output. Off the top of my head a few questions pop up What is the advantage of using a SDI-output ? Does this ...
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How to get external mic working through DSLR camera on Zoom on Mac?

I have tried taking the advice and plugging my mic into my camera, but it is now not working, for the question Noticeable video delay when connecting to laptop and DSLR + external mic. Now I am not ...
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3 answers

Using smartphone sensors to stabilise DSLR video in post

So I had an idea. Almost everyone has smartphone equipped with gyroscope and accelerometer. It wouldn't seem too far fetched to me to strap this smartphone to DSLR and have some app record data from ...
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Filesystem that records longer than 4 GiB, or one hour without interruption

I would like to record footage at high resolution for one hour without interruption. I have a DSLR camera that, with 1080 pixels of vertical resolution and 50 frames per second, stops recording at 10 ...
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