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ffmpeg intermediate transcode for 1920 x 1080 8-bit YUV 4:2:0 @ 25fps source

I have a bunch of footage shot on a Canon 7d I'd like to transcode for editing in Davinci Resolve (I'm exploring alternatives to using Resolve's proxies). The source footage is 1920x1080 8-bit YUV 4:2:...
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seamless DNXHR player

I am looking for a player for DNxHR that will playback files seamlessly, as there is no brief pause between files playing. two files played back to back should play as though they are effectively one ...
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FFmpeg: DNxHR 444 10 bits transcoding issue (HDR project). SMPTE2084 unsupported?

I have a couple of questions regarding intra-frame codecs for editing purposes (in Premiere Pro). UPDATE (01/24/20). More details of the original issue after this: I seem to have encountered a dead ...
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2 answers

Issues with transcoding to a MXF container

I'm new here, so hi to all :). I'm new to FFmpeg too, and I'm trying to transcode a HEVC file to a mxf file and I'm having some issues. The original file is a rip I made from a Bluray HDR movie a ...
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ffmpeg: How to list all possible video parameters for DNxHD dnxhr_lb profile?

If I don't put accepted video parameters for DNXHD profile, ffmpeg will list all the possible parameters like this. And I find this very helpful. [swscaler @ 0x539a420] deprecated pixel format used, ...
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2 answers

Viewer for DNxHR HQX files

I'm using Avid DNxHR HQX as an intermediate codec to go from Resolve to Premiere, but I can't find a viewer that will play it. MPC-HC, MPC-BE, MPDN, Windows Media Player even the dreaded quicktime ...
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