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Before I throw away these massive uncompressed VHS digitizations, what kind of post processing can I do to improve them?

An uncompressed digitized VHS tape is like 60 gigs. Obviously way too big. I can compress it down using H.265 and get basically the same quality. But before I do that, is there any production ...
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Does digitizing a reel of (analog) Super 8 film at 1080p result in a lower *perceived* resolution/sharpness because of the said medium's film grain?

I've read online--though I forget the exact source--that when one wants to digitize a reel of Super 8 film and create a computer video file out of it at a resolution of 1080p that the final video file ...
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Is a TBC required for converting VHS home videos to digital format?

This is a follow-up question to this one. The DigitalFAQ forum, whose members seem to know a lot about this particular topic, say about TBCs: You must have some form of TBC, it's not optional. You ...
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Digitized super 8 mm film - got wrong aspect ratio?

I had some old super 8mm film digitized, and the result looks almost right. I did a little poking around and I'm wondering if they squished the film into a standard (but wrong) aspect ratio. The ...
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What are the website simulators used in adverts called?

I am working on a Kickstarter project video, and I would like to use footage from the website the project is raising funds for. I know I could use screen recorders, but if I am for example scrolling ...
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