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A medium in which video (and possibly accompanying audio) information is stored in binary format. Also, the process of transferring video information to a digital storage medium.

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Can I record directly to a computer with the HC-V250?

I'm considering purchase of the Panasonic HC-V250, but my primary use case is recording directly to a folder on my computer. (I do a lot of post-production editing, so I need all the files on my ...
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Is there a method to isolate moving entity using "reverse exposure" instead of using green screen?

Background I am looking into ways to isolate moving entities, such as person, or objects on a relatively static background without using green screen, due to cost and location restriction. What it's ...
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How do I adjust my cursor to normal size in Medal?

Why is my cursor non existent? I'm trying to get it to the right size. The cursor should align exactly with the circle (inside the circle with no overlap, but the exact same size). That's how it looks ...
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Connecting CCTV coax-based video surveillance cameras to a Synology IP solution

[I hope this is on-topic here as it appears somewhat related questions have been asked before] I have a 4-camera analog CCTV system using coax cable. I'd like to replace my analog DVR (digital video ...
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How can I record Adobe Flash Player stream

I am learning English and I want to record this stream. It's using Flash Player and in addition include PDF doc. Thanks for your interest.
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