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Questions tagged [digital-recording]

A medium in which video (and possibly accompanying audio) information is stored in binary format. Also, the process of transferring video information to a digital storage medium.

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3 answers

What causes audio sync drift when digitizing VHS?

In the process of digitizing family VHS tapes, amateur video producers often encounter audio drift or skew where the audio track becomes out of sync with the video: It slowly dawned on me that the ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How can I record audio & video synced with another audio file?

I want to record a drum cover. I have three input sources: a camera, the output of my electronic drum kit (computer registers it as a microphone), and an existing audio file (the song). I want to ...
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Calculate coaxial cable type/grade to transfer digital video signals to a known distance/length

To transfer digital video signals to a known distance/length, like "L", I need to calculate which type/grade of coaxial cable I need to implement. I was wondering what is the industry/best practice ...
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