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Questions tagged [davinci-resolve]

A non-linear editing software developed by Blackmagic Design which is mainly used for colour correction and grading.

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1 answer

Brightness/Contrast Difference from PC to YouTube

So I have a trailer I've been working on, I did everything in Davinci Resolve 12. When I convert the video using Handbrake everything looks fine, but when I upload it to YouTube, either there's a ton ...
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Exporting XML EDL from Premiere to Davinci Resolve

What is the best way to successfully export an EDL from Premiere to Davinci Resolve? Currently I export a Final Cut Pro XML, but whenever I import into Davinci, there are often errors with scale and ...
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DaVinci Resolve: Blur and fade title on top of video

I am using DaVinci Resolve 14. Is it possible to have titles on top of video which blur and fade out at the same time? I know how to fade them, but I cannot blur them. Adding a transition seem to ...
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DaVinci Resolve: Track with points outside of a window

I am completely new both to video editing and DaVinci Resolve 14. I would like to apply stabilization to a clip which has a constantly moving and changing object in the middle. Therefore I only want ...
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Workflow of editing in Premiere and Color Grading in Davinci

I am new to color grading in Davinci Resolve (Studio) and am not sure about how the workflow should go. As far as I understand there are three options: Color Correct all Clips and render in losless ...
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How do I batch replace video clips in Premiere to graded copies? (from Da Vinci Resolve)

My color grader and I are working in parallel. I'm editing in Adobe Premiere, and he is grading in Da Vinci Resolve (version CC 2015.2 and 12, respectively). I gave him an early rough cut of the ...
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DaVinci Resolve 16 shows black screen on imported media

This is my first time using this software cause I am trying to learn. but when I import my media, it shows all black screen and all I can hear was audio. File imported are .mp4
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Mask clip with transparency in DaVinci Resolve

Is it possible to use some combination of Color nodes and power windows to hide parts of an already partially transparent clip such as one whose frames might be made from transparent images like ? I'...
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