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Creative Suite 4 is the forth major version of the Adobe's multimedia software suite since it was renamed to Creative Suite.

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How to re-transcode sequence Encore CS4?

A short while ago I made an Encore project from my Premiere CS4 project and spent some time sorting out the menus, credits and timelines, etc. I then told Encore to build the project, which of course ...
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Adobe Premiere Pro Says Exporting, No File Produced

I have a 1440 x 1080 sequence that I'm attempting to export in Premiere Pro, in the Export | Media... dialog I've tried a bunch of settings but each time I click OK the exporting status bar pops up ...
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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - Looping a clip

I'm trying to get a clip to loop on my video for its entirety. (The clip is the water mark.) I can't really copy paste it everywhere, it would take hours (the clip is 10 seconds, on an hour long vid.)...
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How can I create a 1920x1080p25 preset in Premiere Pro CS4?

I need to edit some source material that comes in 1920x1080p25, with a pixel aspect ratio of 1. However, I'm missing the presets for this, and the closest I can find is HDV 1080p25, which would be ...
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Video files compatibility for Adobe Premiere pro CS4

I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 in its basic settings. I am trying to merge some .AVI files that a friend shot on his digital camera. The videos play perfect on Windows Media Players and on other ...
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File compatibility for Final Cut Pro 7 project files with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

The video editing labs in my university have Final Cut Pro 7 installed on them, and most projects that we work on are done in FCP. I don't have a Macbook so I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ...
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