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The fitting attached either to the end of a cable, or the receptacle. E.g., RCA, XLR, TRS, BNC, HDMI, etc.

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Benefits of component/RGB connector (vs. S-video or composite) for VHS capture?

I know it's 2020 but I still have a few VHS tapes to digitise. I do not expect the picture quality to be necessarily good enough to worry about this question. Still, I would hate to lose any tiny ...
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Connecting threaded 3.5mm jack plug to non-threaded socket?

I have a lav mic with a threaded jack at the end. It came with a Sennheiser Transmitter/Receiver pair and has a threaded jack to connect into the Transmitter which has a threaded socket to match. ...
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Natron node reroute

In Natron, is there a reroute node to split connection into two nodes? Blender has this feature. It is called reroute node.
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Does RCA or "interface connector" (VGA?) offer better video quality?

I'm trying to archive a laser disc as a digital file. My laser disc player (a Pioneer) has 2 video output options: RCA and a 15-pin port labelled "interface connector". The 15 pins are arranged in 2 ...
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Audio from PA system to Camcorder

I've been asked to video tape a Q/A session with a speaker, and I plan to use my HD camcorder ( The issue is that ...
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What's the best setup to transfer a digital or analog video over 100 ft?

I'm looking for the best (price/quality) solution to send a digital or analog video signal to an lcd tv or beamer over 80 - 100 ft. The input can be hdmi, vga or dvi (all must be possible). The output ...
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Sony TV RCA output into Yamaha HS80M input via RCA male to XLR male: Is it safe?

Title says it all really. Just want to check up before I do this. I have a spare set of Yamaha HS80M monitors lying around. Rather than just having them sitting on the shelf, I'd like to connect them ...
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