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The use of identifying patterns in video to reduce the required data rate required to create a video stream.

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How do DVDs avoid the blockyness that plagues dark scenes in most video files?

When a DVD is ripped to a file on a computer the dark scenes typically get compressed to the point of illegibility; huge squares of black are all set to the same value, removing all the detail. This ...
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Adding voiceover without video recompression

I have some mp4 video files with pretty poor video quality. I need to add a voiceover translation. I have seen some video software programs that could do the job but unfortunately most of these ...
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Exam Question - end-to-end delay from video capture to video playout

Hi I'm preparing for my exam tomorrow and I've come across a 17 Mark question which seems trivially easy, so I think I'm missing a key point giving the rest of this exam is fairly difficult. The ...
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Sony Vegas 10 Video made from smaller quicktime mov videos look crap on youtube

this has been a painful drama for days, trying to get a nice video on youtube for my girlfriend. It looks great on the mpg file sony vegas generates, but after uploading to youtube it look more than ...
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Background color of MP4 rendering incorrectly in QuickTime

I am converting a .MOV file into .MP4, .OGV and .WEBM for web use. I have found that the background rendered by QuickTime and Safari is not white although the same MP4 has a white background when ...
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Sources to learn more about Audio/Video compression, codecs, algorithms etc.

I was quite surprised when I learned the fact that the MP3 codec is extensively based on the Fourier Transform. I'd like to learn more about these topics in general. When I say more I mean the working ...

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