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Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

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Multitrack video export in OBS Studio

OBS Studio composites various video inputs into a single video stream, but it lets users configure local recording on the side. Is it possible to save each video input separately, preferably as ...
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Edges look wrong when compositing layer with blur and transparency

I'm trying to composite layers from an animation I made with Blender in After Effects. The problem I'm running into is that the motion-blurred edges are either receding, or becoming discolored, ...
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proper handling of tracking masks in Premiere

I’m using the current version, 12.0.0 “Haberdasher” on 64-bit Windows. The auto-tracking feature did not do anything. I suspect that it only looks at the content of the clip it appears in, rather ...
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How to clip an image/layer like photoshop to an animation that has a transparent background in Premier pro?

Good day! I'm new to premiere pro, and here is my issue. I have an animation/sequence I'm currently compositing in premiere pro that has a transparent background and I forgot to add shadows on it, ...
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Fast and Easy way to mask ground of CGI element?

This shot has parallax as the camera is booming from high to low. I have a cloudpoint camera track in Blender but I'm trying to figure out how I can mask the ground of the tunnel so that it doesn't ...
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Phone Video + 3D tracking spatial data for compositing?

With all of the AR capabilities of actual phones, I wonder if there is any app to record video with all the spatial data of the camera which lets you export the virtual 3D camera directly from the ...
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After Effects: Create Text inside Shape layer

Hello you beautiful people. I am trying to create a shape made out of text. I thus need the text layer to set its bounding box to the path of my animated shape, instead of a simple box. I cannot ...
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Tracking mask in Davinci Resolve

Video editing n00b here. I have a clip where a person touches a screen with an access card. I want the screen to be red before it is touched, and green after. I've used a PlanarTracker node to track ...
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Best workflow for working with mattes in After Effects

I love working with alpha / luma mattes in After Effects. Creating that kind of composition should be a piece of cake, but it is incredibly difficult because there is no real good way to work with ...
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Why does my After Effects Comp jump in Premiere Pro Preview

I have an After Effects composition that I imported into Premiere Pro. It has the same resolution and frame rate as my Premiere Pro project, and I can import it without any issues. However, when I ...
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Rendering 3D scene elements separately before compositing - Is it the right workflow

Would it be right to render elements in the scene that I made, in separate EXR image sequences? What else should I keep in mind to render before moving on to compositing?
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