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1 answer

why movie video is different from other videos (sports, news, or other)

I'm not a video producer or anything but I always noticed the different of the image from a movie vs a regular video. I'm curious, re they shot on different camera types or it's just post-production ...
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1 answer

How to change every black pixel to a special color?

I want to extract all video frames as images and change every black (pure black) pixel of the images to a special color. (R=3,G=3,B=3) I used this command to extract video frames : ffmpeg -I myVideo....
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Export Frames of 10 BPC Video File with ffmpeg

I have several hundred 1080p 59.94fps 10-bit-per-channel (bpc) AVC-Intra Class 100 MXF encoded video files. I would like to extract the frames of this video file and export them to disk in a 16-bit ...
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