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Questions tagged [color-grading]

Color Grading is the changing and enhancing of colors in a video/photo.

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Superwhites when grading for web

When grading solely for web, is it preferable to grade including superwhites within the tonal range rather than placing whites at 100, keeping everything within legal range? By web I mean upload to ...
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How do you achieve this soft/glowish low contrast black and white look?

Watched La Haine 4k version the other day and was captivated by how BFI gave the film a much low contrast soft look in comparison to criterion hard contrast look. I know lightning plays a vital role ...
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Premiere export colors

I know I am not the first, but I also have terrible problems with making the export with (latest) Premier Pro in an iMac. I looked through a lot of forums and I cannot find a solution anywhere… As you ...
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X-Rite Video Color Matching gives Strange Results

I’m attempting to grade some footage from a C100, with the aid of X-Rite’s Video color match card, in DaVinci Resolve. Below is a screen grab of the ungraded footage. And here is what I get when ...
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Is using a slog-2 and xavcs like profile worth it on the Sony A6000?

I want to make movies, but I currently have a Sony A6000. I currently use a neutral profile and drop all the values to -3,-3,+3 or -3,-3,-3. The Sony A6000, however, has only 8bit video. I also ...
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The videos I uploaded to a Facebook canvas are discolored. Any thoughts on why?

I built a Facebook canvas advertisementwith a mixture of image, video, and carousel elements. When you first load the canvas element, the video elements match the other imagery used in the ad well. ...
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Color grading software (Preferably free or part of Adobe CC) with individual color HSL controls (like Lightroom)

Lightroom makes it very easy for me to stylize my photos with HSL controls which allow me to adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance of individual colors. What can I use to do this with my video?
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GoPro 11 video colour fades after export

I recently bought a GoPro Hero 11 Black Camera. It records 5.3K quality videos, which is crips and rich in colour. But whenever I try to edit and export using any known video editor, it simply fades a ...
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Equalize color impression of many clips of a video?

I'm quite a beginner in Video editing, however - let's say I am editing a video with many clips in the timeline - from different cameras / sources. Whats the term called for correcting the colors of ...
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How to intensify color white in a video

I'm doing a physics project and I measured the movement of some white spots on a field of wheat. Basically due to turbulence, there are spots with more intense wind and with wheat you see a white spot ...
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Wrong colours after exporting to MP4 using H.264 Codec

in my current project I am working in an sRGB colour space (32bpc) with the option "linearize workflow" enabled. My composition looks fine in after effects, but after exporting to mp4 using H.264 ...
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