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Questions tagged [color-grading]

Color Grading is the changing and enhancing of colors in a video/photo.

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1 answer

Exporting XML EDL from Premiere to Davinci Resolve

What is the best way to successfully export an EDL from Premiere to Davinci Resolve? Currently I export a Final Cut Pro XML, but whenever I import into Davinci, there are often errors with scale and ...
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1 answer

How to get the Cinematic look [duplicate]

With most movies, you can tell at a glance, if it is (or supposed to be) a blockbuster or not, by how the image looks. Even some American TV-series look better (in my oppinion) than most european ...
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How do I batch replace video clips in Premiere to graded copies? (from Da Vinci Resolve)

My color grader and I are working in parallel. I'm editing in Adobe Premiere, and he is grading in Da Vinci Resolve (version CC 2015.2 and 12, respectively). I gave him an early rough cut of the ...
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