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Removal of dirt and debris.

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How to clean up shot with Photoshop+Davinci Resolve?

I heard about method of clean up in Davinci Resolve, not by masks or fushion, but by exporting frames as stills, cleaning in Photoshop and importing again to Davinci Resolve. How can i do that, if my ...
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How to clean Lightboard after recording marked with Neon markers

Reaching out to this community as I believe maybe some of the users may using LightBoard for their video recording. We are using Lightboard for our video production, results seem okey however cleaning ...
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3 answers

How to clean up old animated footage?

Recently I ripped a couple of old DVD's to preserve them. The original rip has a resolution of 720*576 and runs with 5100kb/s on 25fps interlaced. I tinkered around with Handbrake and (hopefully) ...
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How can I fix a dark spot on my lens in post-production?

I need to fix this in post. Can I do it?
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Object removal in After Effects via Content-Aware?

I have footage from a drone, and there's a rather unsightly floating thing that I'd like to remove. I've heard that one could export this video as frames and use Photoshop's built in "Content-Aware" ...
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Editing objects out of a video

Whilst filming a flypast, a stray piece of material flew onto my camera, wrapping around the lens, and appearing in some frames. Can this string be edited out of the video? (I can sort the audio etc....
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Removing horizontal scan lines from video?

I recorded some supposedly 720p video on my phone which usually yields nice results. However something about the conditions of how it was set up has resulted in the whole sequence having these lines ...
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What is the best way to clean the outside of audio/video cables

What is the best way to clean a cable that has gotten sticky. I know the best thing to do is to not get them sticky in the first place, but after time they get dirty/sticky all by themselves. Lets ...
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