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Adding edge for open captions in Adobe Premiere Pro

I'm on Mac OSX El Capitan, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 V10.3. I've created some open captions and I want to add some edge to them, to make them more readable. Only that I find no option for this. What ...
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Generate travelleng matte from a nearly-white bright background?

I have video of a stage with a bright screen behind it, and I thought it would be neat if I could (easily-enough) punch in another image on the screen. And not just a small section of it, but fill it ...
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1 vote
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Premiere failing to export long video "file does not exist" error

I'm trying to export a long (2h20m) video interview from Premiere CC 2015 on a mac for translation purposes. The source video is ProRes 422 mov files I'm adding timecode & source file name ...
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