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A device used to capture still images.

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What factors are important for DSLR lenses for shooting video?

I'm about to upgrade my DSLR camera from a Canon XSi (450D) to either a Canon 7D or T3i (600D). I'm largely interested in the video features of the camera. I have several mid/high-end lenses that I ...
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How to change active camera in after effects ( or render a different camera )

I added a camera to my comp, however, when I render it uses the active camera, and not camera1. How do I Either make camera1 my active camera, or make it so that I can render out camera1
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How to stitch images from DIY panorama video rig with 3 canon 60d's?

I want to build a camera rig with 3 canon 60d's to get some kind of panorama video. To verify my idea before building the real rig, I've implemented the setup in Blender to test all possible cases: ...
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What are the minimum camera characteristics required to record a movie for cinema?

What are the minimum characteristics required for a camera to project a movie taken by it on a standard cinema screen? I mean anything that affects the quality of the picture seen on the screen. What ...
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What is this strange second camera?

I don't know is this is the correct place to ask this but ... I've watched several "making of" of current movies and noticed a thing i cannot explain. What is this strange "secondary" camera you ...
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T5i video quality doesn't even match smartphone camera? Where can I improve?

A friend wanted to make some professional looking videos for a weekly vlog type of thing for his church. We went into this planning to buy a better camera and lights etc as we go. We filmed a video ...
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Why use different camera angles? [closed]

During interviews, TV shows and movies, there are several camera angles they switch between. Sometimes it is direct, or indirect (like a side view). How do they decide what angles to change to, and ...
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Avoiding motion blur from a network camera

I'm a newbie here. I have a problem that I don't really understand. Hopefully, someone can share their experience. If I have an ip camera of 1) 640x480(sensor width = 3.6mm), 2) focal length from ...
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What equipment should I get for starting out making professional quality films?

I want to start two short film projects but I don't know what equipment I need to get a good professional quality result. I've been saving some money so I hope budget is not a problem. Also, what's ...
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After Effects: Parent a Camera's position to a Null-Object with specific Off-Set

I am just struggling with a simple expression thing I guess. I have a camera looking at an Object in 3D Space. Actually The Object is at [0,0,0]. The Camera's position is at [29,-1637,-2248]. What I ...
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SDI - serial digital interface

I have heard of a video-grip for the Panasonic GH5 Panasonic GH4 that supports SDI-output. Off the top of my head a few questions pop up What is the advantage of using a SDI-output ? Does this ...
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setup for recording full field sports unattended?

I'm looking for setup that I can use to record field sports (like soccer) unattended, for coaching/review purposes. Currently I'm using a Chinese GoPro knockoff mounted to a tall fence, however the ...
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How to get the Cinematic look [duplicate]

With most movies, you can tell at a glance, if it is (or supposed to be) a blockbuster or not, by how the image looks. Even some American TV-series look better (in my oppinion) than most european ...
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which are the good camcorder or DSLR to make video tutorials or MOOC to show on wide screen using projector?

I need your help to find best video recording equipment for shooting videos for online video dissemination and projector based. Please help me to know that what is the difference between shooting ...
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What is causing these horizontal lines moving vertically up the whiter portions of the video?

The camera model is a Sony, remote control model, I don't have the exact model# with me but can get it if needed. I'm not sure when it started, but it's very noticeable now, the lines scrolling up ...
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Filesystem that records longer than 4 GiB, or one hour without interruption

I would like to record footage at high resolution for one hour without interruption. I have a DSLR camera that, with 1080 pixels of vertical resolution and 50 frames per second, stops recording at 10 ...
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How exactly did analog TV cameras work? [closed]

Before the invention of the CCD, how were analog video images captured? Specifically, what process occurred between the optics of the camera, and the resulting analog electrical signal (not ...
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