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Questions tagged [camcorder]

The term "camcorder" is used to describe a portable, self-contained device, with video capture and recording its primary function.

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3 votes
3 answers

Is 0.0036% time inaccuracy on a consumer-grade camcorder expected?

I did an experiment on our church's camcorder (Sony Handycam HDR-CX380) recently to test whether it was the source of a time inaccuracy between our video recordings and PC audio recordings of sermons (...
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2 votes
1 answer

Identifying source of audio drift between camcorder and recording PC

I'm recording our church's sermons using a standard consumer-grade camcorder (Handycam HDR-CX380). Depending on mixer circumstances (our church moves around a lot), I'll either run a line from our ...
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0 votes
3 answers

Filesystem that records longer than 4 GiB, or one hour without interruption

I would like to record footage at high resolution for one hour without interruption. I have a DSLR camera that, with 1080 pixels of vertical resolution and 50 frames per second, stops recording at 10 ...
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