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Questions tagged [camcorder]

The term "camcorder" is used to describe a portable, self-contained device, with video capture and recording its primary function.

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Video recording framerate limitation causes? (e.g. 1080p at only 60fps despite same camera records in 2160p?)

I know, smartphone cameras are maybe not the primary interest of professional videographers, but I am interested into the technical aspects. They can also be relevant for real cameras. There are ...
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Extract video from sony handycame with perfect quality

I've got an old sony handycame that record into tapes. When i try to display the videos in my samsung tv using RCA cables, the video is full screen and with a really good quality. I wanted to ...
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Are todays phone cameras capable of capturing better video than no-zoom pocket camcoders?

I am a complete amateur with respect to photography. I capture videos rather than still pictures during my vacations. So it is limited to videos outdoors. My preferences are limited to compactness of ...
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Old Camcorder needs Repair

I have a Canon H680 Hi8 camcorder that fell off a shelf many years ago and hasn't been used since. Now I want to use its optics in a low-budget live video system for my church. Basically, I'm ...
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I just bought a panasonic HC-VX981K 4K camera and wondering which is my best format to shoot in?

I just bought my panasonic HC-VX981K and was wondering which is the best format for just recording perfect video, it states that higher bitrate in 4K MP4 format but I'm hearing AVCHD progressive is ...
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