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New ffmpeg build will not concat, gives no error message

At the risk of this being a bug, and not something I'm doing wrong, I'm posting here mostly because I don't even know where to report ffmpeg bugs. It looks like the newest version of ffmpeg ffmpeg ...
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I found this old video on my computer and there's some sort of corruption? Please tell me what this is

The video format is .avi. It was recorded with an unregistered copy of Hypercam 1. I don't know exactly what kind of effect this is. Video
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Kdenlive Effect Section is White

Kdenlive is displaying a white window in the effect section instead of the expected list of effects, as seen in the accompanying image. I encountered this issue on both Fedora 36 and Fedora 37, using ...
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Why does my video look overexposed in Adobe premiere 2022?

I'm editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022. When I import video, it looks fine on the preview screen, but when I layer it over another video in the timeline, the timeline preview of the video ...
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Noticeable video delay when connecting to laptop and DSLR + external mic

I have a Canon EOS RP DSLR camera that is connected to the adapter through the battery, and plugged into a Pengo HDMI capture device, which is plugged into a USB hub (contains 16 USB ports), plugged ...
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Premiere Pro 2021 Refusing to Load My Project

On Premiere Pro 2021 whenever I try to work on a project that has multiple layers, it refuses to load it and instead I am met with “project is pending” and it refused to load it and then crashes. I ...
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Premiere Pro plays media video stream at half the speed as audio

In Premiere Pro 2020 (14.7), some media files have video playing at half the speed as the source, either in the source monitor or the timeline. Here is one example in Premiere with a still apparently ...
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