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Questions tagged [boom-pole]

An extended pole from which a microphone or other production related device can be mounted to hold it over a scene.

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Using a static Boom Pole

I have a Manfrotto tripod, Canon T3i and Rode videomic pro. I also have the Rode boom pole, but I was wondering which the best way to use it in an interview situation. For an interview indoors where ...
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What mounting adapter do I need for this shotgun mic?

I am looking at this shotgun mic and I am making a boom pole from this video. I know there is a mic adapter and shock mount in that video, but since the shotgun mic comes with a shock mount, what ...
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What is the difference between a fishpole and a boom pole?

What is the difference between a fishpole and a boom pole? I think I have heard the words interchangeably, but I really don't know the difference between the two.
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What Boom mic is compatible with a smartphone?

I want to connect to my smartphone to cut down on the video production cost for my short films. The videos will be shot outside and inside. I have an android smartphone. Is there any boom mic used ...
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