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Most efficiant way to create a video with series of images faded in and out with ffmpeg

I am creating a video with audio that consists of 25 images that fade into each other for the duration of an audio file. There is also some text that will appear on the finished video. What I ...
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Use same output file name from pipe as input name with ffmpeg

I'm trying to get the output name to be the same as the input name while using the pipe command in ffmpeg. The file is called 1-Minute Audio Test for Stereo Speakers & Headphones [2ZrWHtvSog4].m4a ...
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Improve sound + image combination performance

First question on this site, unsure if it's off-topic to ask for specific solutions to specific problems. If it is, I'm sorry in advance. Code I have the following ffmpeg command inside a bash script. ...
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How to move all video files with mp3 audio?

My folder has some video files with mp3 audio and some video files with aac audio. I want to move all files which have mp3 audio to another folder. When I asked my friend, he gave me this script: ...
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ffplay -- suppress configuration information on startup

Is there a way to suppress configuration information when starting ffplay? I know I could redirect to /dev/null but I don't want to lose stderr or stdout. Thanks!
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