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Creating an 8K/4K video in ffmpeg from single image frame leads to video longer than audio

I want to make a video using a cover image and an audio file with the audio file as the length. What's the most optimal modern way to do this with new codecs and high resolutions? Reason why I want 4K/...
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librav1e cannot even utilize half of my CPU

Since I heard librav1e is kind of the fastest AV1 software encoder, I attempted to use it to convert an old MPEG-4 Visual video to AV1, but the result is way slower than the popular SVT-AV1 encoder. ...
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Converting with ffmpeg a bunch of webinars that contains a lot of slides (still images) aside a webcam speaker/lecturer

I screen recorded a lot of webinars that now I have to compress in order to have less space occupied. The content of this webinars are mostly persons talking like in zoom, few pixels of them in webcam ...
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