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Automatically cut out sections of a video delineated by a sound.

Is there any way that I can automatically cut a video based on a sound. I have a couple of long sections of video that contain videos. I would like to remove the parts of the video that do not fall ...
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Top and tail GoPro video based on volume

I'm thinking of using ffmpeg to automate a simple video task. I have lots of action videos that go like this, quiet/boring -> loud/exciting -> quiet/boring. Allowing for a few seconds at the start ...
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In After Effects how can I generate the value of an opposite x position and then send that value to an effect on another layer?

e.g. my composition width is 4480 I have a layer with a gradient ramp effect with an x start positon of 1026 and I want to generate and store the value of the x position on the other side of the ...
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