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Audio Recording is the process of capturing audio signals for the purpose of archiving, manipulation, or reproduction.

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HyperCam2 video out of sync, ffmpeg throws video out of bounds

I've recorded my over 2h presentation using HyperCam2 but output video is totally out of sync with audio. It looks like video is 2x faster than audio so I have 'Thanks for watching' slide in the ...
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Capturing projector slides and audio at conference

I have a couple of events coming up for a professional conference where I need to be able to record all the 35 breakout rooms over 4 days (650 hours of footage) to capture the slides bring run from ...
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Connecting threaded 3.5mm jack plug to non-threaded socket?

I have a lav mic with a threaded jack at the end. It came with a Sennheiser Transmitter/Receiver pair and has a threaded jack to connect into the Transmitter which has a threaded socket to match. ...
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Too much bass in desktop sounds with a headset, but not during recording, only afterwards

I recorded some video footages with my voiceover, both with Fraps and OBS. (Also streamed with the latter) While I was playing everything was fine. (I played with a headset) When I played the videos ...
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What's the best balance price/quality audio recorder for meetup and small conf

I am doing some meetup recording and I want to automate the thing. Here are my current devices to record any meetup: - OBS - logitech c922 - AverMedia LGP Lite I need a better sound that the ...
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Streaming 2 local and some remote players audio issue

I am trying to set up for streaming. Here is what i want to accomplish. I will be the only one streaming video and streaming from the same computer i am playing on. I have a mixer attached to my ...
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Producing Video Lectures similar to Coursera/EDX

I would like to record video lectures using a light board scenario which is a transparent board on which one can draw as if one is drawing on the screen/camera itself. For those of you interested, ...
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Why the DSLR camera audio was set at -12 db?

From the online youtube videos It was mentioned that the professional audio equipment was usually set at -18 dbfs while the home ...
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Recording webcam got too big file in 12 hours, spliting the file takes much less space

Sorry I do not give better details, I am too new on this this weekend we left OBS recording a small portion of the screen, with audio, for an university experiment (we have a software that analize ...
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audio never lines up with video correctly

I'm using audacity to record my mic at 44100 hz and using obs studio to record my screen at 60 fps. when I start recording, I enable my mic on obs for a few seconds while audacity is also recording to ...
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OBS flipping audio inputs

I am using OBS with multiple audio inputs: built-in microphone, 2-channel USB audio input L, and R. My OBS has all default audio channels off. And I have an "audio scene" to assign these ...
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DaVinci Resolve Fairlight advanced Noise Reduction

thank you for helping me! My problem is that I'm working with a very noisy microphone, so just enabling noice reduction in the fairlight options doesn't do the trick. I'm switching from audacity, ...
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No Audio In VSDC editor

I finished recording a multi audio track recording on obs, and it has no sound (in the editor, as a video its fine.) I don't understand why.
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Use android camera and usb mic on pc

Apologies in advance if this is a very noob question - I barely know anything about video production. I'd like to record video and use my fancy-ish USB microphone as the audio source. Unfortunately I ...
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What mixer should I use?

I plan on recording a podcast on Garageband. I have rode procaster mic. I will be using one mic and one phone input with irig to connect audio caller, I need one more input to connect ipad to play ...
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