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Audio Recording is the process of capturing audio signals for the purpose of archiving, manipulation, or reproduction.

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Transcription Methods/Times

I figured I'd leave a question here while I did the manual labor, but what do you find is the best way to transcribe footage? I'm an editor and the first thing I like to do is create a script of ...
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What equipment should I get for starting out making professional quality films?

I want to start two short film projects but I don't know what equipment I need to get a good professional quality result. I've been saving some money so I hope budget is not a problem. Also, what's ...
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How can I record audio & video synced with another audio file?

I want to record a drum cover. I have three input sources: a camera, the output of my electronic drum kit (computer registers it as a microphone), and an existing audio file (the song). I want to ...
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How to reduce background noise in the video

I am creating a video tutorial to upload into youtube , but after recording with the help of camtasia i am unable to remove the noise form the video. Note : I am able to remove the system noise like ...
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