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extracting/exporting images from a video at every scenechange

How can I extract images from a video at each scene change (i.e. the 1st image from each new scene in a video) ? FFmpeg is said to be able to detect scene changes but I don't know how to adapt the ...
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Are two videos "identical" if their decoded data is the same, but not the encoded data?

Say I have two files A.mkv and B.mkv which are meant to be (told to me to be) the same content at the same quality. However my source tells me they suspect that there is a minor difference, but can't ...
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How to find/detect the real video resolution?

Imagine you have recorded/captured the screen at 1080p, but it was displaying a 480p video maximized to fullscreen. The result file is technically 1080p, but it really is showing a 480p video, that is ...
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Is there any query language or CLI tool to analyze encoded bitstream?

I'm learning codec, but most of the video analyzer tools are GUI and windows based. I'm wondering if there is a bitstream query tool to find the info I'm seeking for. Using SQL for example: select ...
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Simple Video Content Recognition Software

I am looking for a tool that recognizes live action and graphics content in a video, and output the duration used of each style. I am searching for something more automated than scene detection ...
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Print to file: Details of every NAL unit in raw H.264 file

I have a raw H.264 file. I would like to retrive both length and frame number of every NAL unit in this file. The result must be printed to file. Is there any tool to do this? I have tried using H....
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Automating QC to find corrupt video files

I have a hundred of visually (!) corrupt video clips in H.264 'hiding' within a larger set of files. As they have been re-transcoded, all of them are now technically OK and will play fine, but will ...
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