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Correct order of layer effects in Premiere CC 2017?

For once in my life, I've been handed an edit job that is shot in such a way that I can grade the whole thing in one pass with a LUT. On this particular edit, I need to first use a Log conversion LUT,...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do I resize the canvas of a image layer in After Effects?

I'm using After Effects CC 2017. I've imported a PNG image with transparency, then I added a simple CC Light Wipe effect: The problem is that the range of the lights produced by this effect are ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Premiere Pro - auto update adjustment layers

I have an adjustment layer in my project: Which you can see has three instances in my timeline on top of the same shot type (so all will want the same colour correction to match exactly) And as far ...
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How do I add multiple videos into multiple shape layers

I have a vector map of the state of NJ that I have broken up into counties (overall state as the shape layer...all counties underneath in a Group) I'd like to insert a different graphic/video into ...
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