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A device (either physical or software) that converts from one format to another.

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Advice for using FD lenses?

I’m interested in using old FD lenses for filming. Has anyone got any experience with this? What camera did you use? What adapter? Did it work? Were there any issues with focal length, cropping, or ...
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Can I digitalize a video with a RCA-Jack adapter?

I have a stereo AUX to Jack adapter that can be plugged to an old cassette-based video recorder Would I be able to digitize my video with this AUX to Jack adapter? I would run the casette on the ...'s user avatar
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2 answers

Canon video recording stopped automatically problem but new question not like the other ones!

On my Canon EOS 550D, I am getting this error. I know the problem is about speed of sd card. Well my sd card is not fast but I am also using adapter. I mean I originally have micro sd card but I am ...
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Are adapters that allowing lens change on cheap camcorders worth it?

I was told that adapters exist that allow you to mount an additional lens on a non-threaded camcorder. Are these adapters worth it? How common are they?
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Component YPbPr to VGA with monitor that supports Sync-on-Green

I want to connect a YPbPr component video signal to a computer monitor using a simple component-to-VGA adapter, I know this isn't possible on most monitors as you would need a converter to convert ...
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